Health Assessment Consultation

If any of the following applies to you, please contact me to arrange a health assessment consultation right away.

  • Are you feeling sick, tired or just not yourself and have not found a doctor who takes the time to listen or find answers other than just taking a pill?
  • Do you take medication and want to be able to decrease or eliminate it?
  • Do you want a more natural or holistic assessment by someone who has expertise in both traditional and functional medicine?
  • You know something is not right but don’t know what and want a fresh perspective.
  • You are not sure of what you want or need and want to live a long, healthy and vibrant life.

If any of these fit, you may benefit from a health assessment consultation.

Initial health assessment consultation

  • During a consultation, the doctor will listen to you, discusses your goals, symptoms, history and risk factors and will make some recommendations on diet, supplements, exercise, lifestyle, and medication adjustments.
  • If necessary, you will receive orders to have laboratory or other testing.
  • You will be given invaluable education and advice and get a different approach and perspective.

This could be the monumental first step to living slim, sharp, sexy, strong and supercharged. It starts with the first step. You will have time to research and determine what you feel comfortable with and decide if you want to go further.

Recommendations following a health assessment consultation may include any of the services listed such as:

Adjustments for Optimal Results

On the third consultation your regimen will be adjusted since everyone reacts and metabolizes supplements, hormones, food and medication differently. You are treated as a unique individual and your regimen is customized to your needs.

The time to get healthy and stay healthy is NOW. Don’t suffer any longer. Call the office for a health assessment consultation today. 973 218-1199